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Xtra for the Marketing Manager

Every day, hundreds of emails are being sent from your business to external recipients: clients, suppliers, service providers and business partners. With XtraBanner email enrichment platform, you can enhance this daily correspondence with designed banners, promotional texts and branded signatures. These marketing email banners can be linked to your running campaigns, landing pages, business pages or websites. With XtraBanner you can make sure your marketing message reach its destination without being blocked or classified as spam. XtraBanner has a very simple installer and a user-friendly interface, providing you with an advanced segmentation, flexible rules settings and analytics interfacing, helps you analyze your campaigns exposure and conversion rates.

  • Rule-based engine allows targeting the campaigns by any combination of conditions and exceptions
  • User friendly editor allows any combination of textual and graphical campaigns in 8 different locations within the e-mail message.
  • WYSIWYG email signature template editor
  • Email marketing - Track campaigns performance with built-in google analytics support
  • The most reliable and stable solution while offering the best performance
distributed system architeture

Xtra for the IT Manager

  • Exchange friendly - Ensures continuous activity of your mail servers, without delays and with minimum usage of their resources.
  • Distributed architecture - Designed to enhance performance, scalability and manageability.
  • Easy installation - The Installation and initial configuration can be done easily using our setup wizard. No special expertise required. All settings can be configured in the graphical configuration.
  • Can be installed as a Cloud service (SaaS) in a secured, accessible and survival environment.
  • Hybrid configuration supported.


XTRABANNER Email enrichment platform is built upon Exchange server technology and requires at least one Exchange 2007/2010/2013 Hub Transport server to be installed in the organization (in Exchange Server 2013, the Hub Transport is integrated into the Mailbox role). To completely mitigate the risk of a single point of failure, the product supports multiple Exchange HUB servers for redundancy, reliability and stability. All your email correspondence stays private and does not go through any proprietary servers, inside or outside of your organization.

The system consists of three main components which can be installed all-in-one or in distributed environment.

  • The Transport Agent: Installed on your Exchange HUB transport servers, or an Exchange mail relay server.
  • The Configuration Point: Installed on a supported Windows server and stores statistics, configured campaigns and rules.
  • The Management Console: Installed on any supported 64bit/32bit Windows client O/S. A simple, easy to use user interface that allows for full rule and campaign management.
xtrabanner on premise
xtrabanner on cloud

XTRABANNER Cloud Service

To provide e-mail enrichment services to organizations using a cloud-based or non-Exchange e-mail infrastructure, we built the XTRABANNER Cloud Service.

The XTRABANNER Cloud Service uses the very same XTRABANNER product, deployed in a robust, cloud-hosted (SaaS) service, taking advantage of advanced failover and load balancing cloud solutions.

To use the XTRABANNER Cloud Service, all that's required is for you to configure your cloud mail service or on-premise servers to relay outgoing e-mails through our relay servers. The relay servers apply the rules and campaigns you configured, using the Management Console (MMC) installed on one or more PCs.

To use the XTRABANNER Cloud Service, you must subscribe to one of our monthly or yearly subscription plans.

XtraBanner Hybrid and Advanced Deployments

The XTRABANNER product and the XTRABANNER Cloud Service is a modular platform, that fits any e-mail architecture out there, including Hybrid cloud/on-premise deployment, Edge deployment and Hosted deployment. To learn more about common XTRABANNER deployment scenarios, please download the following Presentation (also available as an Online Video Presentation).

XTRABANNER also supports hosted deployments, targeted at hosting service providers. In a hosted deployment, every customer has their own isolated configuration, in an infrastructure shared among multiple customers. Hosting XTRABANNER requires a special "multi-site" license. If you are a service provider, interested in providing e-mail enrichment services to your customers, please contact us for details.



Common Questions

Everything you need to know before you get started

Can XTRABANNER platform work on emails inside my organization as well as emails going outside of it?

Yes it can. With the appropriate rules and configuration, both your internal and external emails can be enriched with XTRABANNER’s enrichment platform.

How does XTRABANNER handle non HTML format messages?

XTRABANNER supports in addition to HTML messages, also plain text and RTF formats.

What versions of exchange are supported ?

Distributed architecture built specifically to take full advantage of the load balancing and availability features of Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010/2013 and microsoft online

My Microsoft Exchange environment is critical to the organization. Will the XTRABANNER platform have any negative effects on its availability or performance?

We’ve taken all the required steps and performed large-scale tests to make sure the XTRABANNER platform is developed in the most Exchange-friendly way possible, with little to no effect on performance, redundancy and stability.

I'd like my banners to be added only by a specific set of rules and conditions, is that possible?

It certainly is. XTRABANNER allows you to configure a variety of rule based conditions and exceptions to make sure only certain email messages will be enriched with the banner / signature / disclaimer.

What are the minimum requirements for installing the XTRABANNER platform?

The XTRABANNER platform can be installed in an All-in-One configuration or on entirely separate machines. These are the requirements for each of the components:

  • Exchange Transport Agent: Must be installed on all Exchange 2007/2010/2013/2016 Hub Transport Servers (64bit only)
  • Windows Service: Can be installed on any Windows 7 machine and above with .NET Framework 4.5 installed. In a large organization where more than a few people use the XtraBanner platform, we recommend installing the service on a Windows Server.
  • Management Console and Web Portal: Can be installed on any Windows 7 machine and above with IIS and .NET Framework 4.6 installed.

Any more information?

Learn More about the main features and advantages of the XTRABANNER in this short presentation (PDF).

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